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Surge | Natural Disaster Has Arrived

Well, it is here!  Thanks for your patience.  Natural Disaster Pt. One is now available to all.  This album is a journey into different sounds for us.  We are primarily rock guitar players.  The opening track 'Surge' will remind you of that, but after that, the album departs from the big rock sound. We incorporate a Hammered Dulcimer, more piano, glockenspiel layers, and some string and brass arrangement.  We had a great time recording and creating this record over the last year.  The credits in our CD packaging were lacking so we want to give some credits here.  We began tracking this project at 226 Recordings in the heights.  The live room at 226 gave us incredible drum sounds with plenty of room to even set up two drum sets simultaneously, which we did use in a few cases.  Thanks to Paul and Mairi Cox for being great hosts to Rock and Roll History.  We also did some Piano recording at the incredible Sunrise Sound Studio.  The piano session was lovingly recorded by Aaron Inkrott.  Some mixing was done at Sunrise Sound on the SSL 4000.  Jacob did the mixing and mastering.


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