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We have finished our new record.  We are offering a pre-sale through Pledge Music.

We have been working since our last record Natural Disaster to create the follow up and it is here.  The new record is called Earth.  Through Pledge Music we are able to offer you an opportunity to be a part of making this record release a reality.  We will be posting updates through the process to let you know how things are coming along.  We don’t expect this process to take very long since we already have the record recorded and mixed.  We have a projected fulfillment date of October 20th.  We are kindly asking for your support by pre-ordering our record and some other neat merchandise.  We can’t finish this record without your support so pledge today if you could be so kind.

Sincerest Thanks,

Jacob Meador

Beautiful Contributors

Four Leaf Clover Video
Here is a video for our new new song Four Leaf Clover.

Four Leaf Clover
Here is our latest song. We hope you like it.

New EP coming soon!
Hello patient friends,  We have five new songs that are almost ready to go on an EP.  We just lack a few final touches and expect to release the batch early in the new year 2014.  The EP is titled, "There's no need to fly when you can jump as high as you want to".  See ya soon!  And one of the songs is already available if you haven't heard it.  It is called "The Neighbors".  You can hear it on our website.
The Neighbors

.....and please give a welcome to

Check out our new video for The Last Time

Here it is! Our first video in support of our album Natural Disaster. The video is for the last song on the record entitled The Last Time. Heights Film Company did the filming and editing as well as helping with the creative vision for the video. We want to send out much appreciation to Adam Keho, David Black, Meghann Peterson, Uzoma Amuneke, Andrew Sepulveda and Erica Waldorf for making this video possible. It was filmed in historic downtown Richmond, Texas and East Beach on Galveston Island. Please share it with all your friends.

Natural Disaster is now on iTunes
Natural Disaster is now available on iTunes.  The album includes an iTunes exclusive PDF booklet.  We appreciate your support.  Click here.
Natural Disaster is Completely Here

Natural Disaster is completely available right here.  You can order the CD right from the source with any credit card or Paypal account.  Click here to visit the store.  Here is what people are saying about the record:

"Diggin' the album man. Sounds fantastic"  -Jon Rogers

"Love the full record. I've been listening non-stop to the first five for a while, glad to have the full record!  Thanks for the time and honesty you put in to make this" -JJ Worthen

"listening to natural disaster
wow."  -Jason Pizzitola

"The album is really good"  -Tank Lisenbe

Nobody wants a Natural Disaster... until now.

bcalbumcoverblog2On December 20th our full length album will become available.  It has been a long journey to get to this point.  Thanks to eveyone who helped to make it possible and to all of you who have encouraged us and shown great interest in hearing the completion of this record.  After much deliberation, what we ended up with is 12 tracks that make up a 40 minute record.  We will be launching our store in just a few days to offer presale incentives which include some bonus tracks.  Please sign up for our mailing list and we will send you a short note when the store is up and running.  In the meantime, take care!


Upcoming Show Aug 6th, 2011
We Beautiful Contributors have a show coming up on Aug 6th, 2011.  We will be playing for the White Linen Night in the Heights event.  We are playing with Poor Pilate and Speedqueen at 226 19th street, Houston.  Show time is around 8pm.  We would love to see you there. We are playing all the songs from Natural Disaster Pt. 1 as well as several new songs that will be on the next record.  Thanks, BC
Surge | Natural Disaster Has Arrived

Well, it is here!  Thanks for your patience.  Natural Disaster Pt. One is now available to all.  This album is a journey into different sounds for us.  We are primarily rock guitar players.  The opening track 'Surge' will remind you of that, but after that, the album departs from the big rock sound. We incorporate a Hammered Dulcimer, more piano, glockenspiel layers, and some string and brass arrangement.  We had a great time recording and creating this record over the last year.  The credits in our CD packaging were lacking so we want to give some credits here.  We began tracking this project at 226 Recordings in the heights.  The live room at 226 gave us incredible drum sounds with plenty of room to even set up two drum sets simultaneously, which we did use in a few cases.  Thanks to Paul and Mairi Cox for being great hosts to Rock and Roll History.  We also did some Piano recording at the incredible Sunrise Sound Studio.  The piano session was lovingly recorded by Aaron Inkrott.  Some mixing was done at Sunrise Sound on the SSL 4000.  Jacob did the mixing and mastering.


You can purchase and download at iTunes, Amazon mp3 or you can order a physical CD from

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Natural Disaster is coming in waves | Part One May 24th


Welcome to the new Beautiful Contributors website. Thanks for taking the time to visit. We have a lot of exciting news to share with you.

First of all, we are releasing our debut album 'Natural Disaster' this year. We will be releasing the album in two parts. Part One is called Surge. Surge contains five songs and will be made available to anyone and everyone free of charge on May 24th, 2011. We will be producing 1,000 physical copies, as well as making it available online at various digital distribution outlets. Part Two is called Subside and contains 6 songs, and will be available in November 2011.

We are asking our fans and friends to get involved in the process of completing 'Natural Disaster'. We've launched a campaign called 'Complete Natural Disaster'. Get it? We will be using a website called Kickstarter ;to facilitate this effort. On May 24th, 2011, the release date of 'Surge', our campaign will begin and you'll have an opportunity to contribute financially to our project, via our profile on Kickstarter. If our project is successfully funded, we will be releasing the entire record (in both parts) on vinyl and doing some exclusive performances as well as giving away some cool swag.

Please sign up for the newsletter on the left and you will be kindly notified when you can download the album for FREE and get more information about how to become a Beautiful Contributor!

Thank you so much!